Tiny Boo:homecoming introduction

I am glad to introduce you to my new team and a new project that is already in the Pre-alpha stage.

Having opened a new company of the same name “XPLOIT”, I decided to try to gather talented artists and turn the idea of Egocentrism into a real game, and not just an interesting prototype. I hired several concept artists and illustrators in September 2022 and started working.

First of all, we started creating a new character, working out the plot and scenario of the game. On the wave of motivation, the illustrators gave out dozens of different versions of the main character, environment, backgrounds and ideas about the mechanics of the game, and I did not have time to write down and put everything together. The work was very intense!

Starting from this post, I will keep a developer’s diary and share with you our progress and news about the development of the game.


What is ready at the moment:

  1. The concepts of the character, environment, and UX are ready;
  2. All game mechanics have been developed. Some of them are already 100%;
  3. Unity cloud services are connected to save the progress and analytics of the game;
  4. CI/CD builds of the game for Android have been established;
  5. 60% of the graphics used in the game have been rendered;
  6. Prototypes of the first 50 levels of the game are ready;

The overall game readiness progress is 70%. The planned date of open Beta testing is the end of March 2023.

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I will be glad in the next post to show the appearance of an almost finished and very beautiful game