Development blog #1

The beginning of a new series of articles about the development of our mobile game about Boo!

Hello and welcome to our section “Developer’s Blog”, where we will tell you how things are going with the development of the game, what the team is doing and what plans for the near future. Boo and his stories are 80% ready. The plot has been written, all the game mechanics have been made, which we will describe in detail in the next issues, we are working hard on the level design and the main line of the narrative.

We are pleased to announce that our application has been successfully published on Google Play. It’s been a long and intense journey, but we’ve finally reached this sweet moment.

The implementation of all the game mechanics was a complex and exciting process, but our team worked hard to create a unique gaming experience that includes the rotation of the whole world around the character. We think it will be very interesting for our players.

We are also pleased to announce that we have made 80% of all game content and are continuing to work on the rest. We want players to be able to enjoy a variety of levels and experience different challenges while playing.

Our team consists of five talented people, including three illustrators, one UX designer and one developer. We work very closely to make sure that every aspect of the game reflects our values and our passion for the gaming industry. A team of three illustrators is working hard to create a game image of a beautiful, finished and fabulous atmosphere of the game. Special attention is paid to details that don’t even catch the eye and are difficult to notice, but when you realize what is in front of you, you are surprised how well the atmosphere of the forest and nature is conveyed.

The whole environment is constantly changing from level to level, tightly intersecting with the plot and reflecting the mood of the character, his well-being and fighting spirit! It is the indescribable fabulous atmosphere of the game that will make the passage of this story unforgettable!

We hope that our players will appreciate our work and enjoy the game as much as we enjoy creating it.

Next time we will reveal to you the secrets of the plot and tell you why it was Boo who had the burden to put everything in its place.