Tiny Boo:Homecoming. Development Blog #2

Hello, friends! Today we continue to talk about the development of our mobile game about Boo.

In the last issue, we talked about how we successfully published the app on Google Play, implemented all the game mechanics, made 80% of all game content and introduced our team. This week we received developer status from Apple to host our app! This is the next step on the way to release!

DevBlog #2 ux_1

Today we want to talk about one of the most important aspects of game development – user experience (UX). In the world of mobile games, UX plays a huge role, since it depends on how convenient and interesting it will be for the user to play.

To begin with, we want to share a few UX features for mobile games:

  • Simplicity and intuitiveness – A mobile game should be easy to learn and intuitive for the player.
  • Visibility – the player must understand what is happening on the screen and how to interact with objects.
  • Adaptability – The UX must be adapted to different devices and screens.
  • Accessibility – The game should be accessible to all users, including people with disabilities.

The first problem that had to be solved was the scale of the camera’s view for the player. Since a lot of the space surrounding the player should be visible on the screen, so that there is an understanding of where to go and what you can interact with. The solution was obvious. We made a game that works only in portrait mode. The player will not be able to change the orientation of the display and he will not be able to limit his view. As a result – all conceived mechanics will be in the palm of your hand!

The second problem is embedding interactive windows into the interface in order to organize interaction with the user at the stage level without changing the screen and quickly returning to the gameplay. To do this, we have made a system of modal windows that open on top of the content and are easily closed by simply clicking past the window or on the cross in the corner of the screen.

DevBlog #2 ux_2

Now about the difficulties we faced in the process of developing UX for our game. One of the main problems was to create an interface that would not clutter up the screen and prevent the player from immersing himself in the gameplay. We also faced the problem of choosing a suitable color scheme that would not only be attractive, but also comfortable for the eyes.

Despite these difficulties, we have successfully implemented UX for our game and received a lot of positive feedback from users. Our team of UX designers continues to work on improving the user experience and creating new interesting features for players.

DevBlog #2 ux_3

Thank you for your attention and follow our future releases, where we will continue to talk about everything related to the development of our game!