A glimpse into the development of “Boo”

It is undeniable that players connect with the game through the character's experiences and exploration. The character's perspective ultimately guides and shapes the adventure.

The playable character is a crucial element in video game development, impacting the overall gaming experience. Initial impressions are often based on this character. It is undeniable that players connect with the game through the character’s experiences and exploration. The character’s perspective ultimately guides and shapes the adventure.

Our ideas are continuously developing with time and research. Our objective is to discover the secret to players’ happiness and deliver an incredible gaming experience. Check out the references above for a glimpse into the Boo creation process. We had many early concepts and ideas that we revised until we crafted a more captivating and engaging Boo for the players.

The main character design underwent a significant process, from initial drafts to the charming forest creature we see today. There were many magic creature options explored, but the team persisted to find the exact fit. It needed to match the game’s atmosphere and environment flawlessly. Thus, the final version of Boo was created. Our lead artist made the decision during the initial sketching phase that this was the design we were seeking. The images above display the different choices that were considered for Boo’s final appearance, including fascinating magical creatures with either a pre-historic or fairytale appearance. But here is our magical creature that loves adventure! Our players will explore the world with him and help him find his friends and a way back home.

In the references above, you can get a glimpse of the process of creating Boo, there were a lot of early concepts, and we changed ideas, and we kept looking, and in the end we made him more attractive and interesting to players. And that is why reconsideration is such an important part of every aspect of a development process, it has to be seen as a way to improve a game experience for the audience and to share experiences with each other.