Tiny Boo: Homecoming


This is an adventure game that tells us the story of Boo, who got lost in an unfamiliar forest and is trying to find his way home. His journey is filled with many obstacles, riddles and difficulties, and the main character will have to overcome them all! The main feature of the game is a fairy-tale World in which all events take place. Dear Boo feels that all events and the whole world revolves around him. Or doesn’t he think so?

When developing the concept, we focused on the visual component, the atmosphere and the colorfulness of what is happening. The game can be safely called a visual novel.

The development platform is Unity and the game is being created as a pilot project of the new xploit studio. A feature of the development of the game was the involvement in the development of artificial intelligence, which creates the environment, objects and art for the game. Our innovative approach allows you to create content and an mvp version of the game hundreds of times faster than with a classic illustration.

The game is available on both Google Play and the Apple store.


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