Stream Pob helps brands communicate with gamers in their language, through the integration of influencers into content, esports events and creative special projects.

The project was created in close cooperation with Olga Koryakina (CEO), Murat Temirov (CTO) and Arthur Avakyan (CMO). After two years of active development, testing hypotheses and organizing various activities, the team found funding, but with current monetization models, it was not possible to achieve self-sufficiency. The project collapsed in the form in which it was created. At the moment, Arthur Avakyan continues to manage the company, which is now engaged only in manual advertising integration.

Project achievements:

  • 68M+ VIEWERS (8M+ in Russia) partner network coverage per month only for
  • 980+ OPINION LEADERS (710 IN Russia) participate in stream publish advertising activities
    1. Jonson&Jonson
    2. PepsiCo
    3. 20th Century Fox
    4. Snickers
    5. PayPal
    6. Google
    7. Nvidia
    8. Nissan
    9. Logitech
    EU and USA:
    1. Wargaming
    2. Razer
    3. Intel
    4. Luckbox


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