xPloit team was conceived as a team of semi-professionals in the discipline of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The composition has changed many times, but the backbone of the team has always remained the same. The main team consisted of at different times:

  • Andrew (Ravy) Rovniy
  • Vladimir (Fantonchini) Amatov
  • Maksim (Striker) Zhuravlev
  • Daniel (ALp) Akimov
  • Alexander (Seenix) Luchikhin
  • Alexey (hharveys) Sentcov

The team achieved the greatest success in the discipline of Counter-Strike 1.6 in the period from 2010 to 2012. At this time, the team held a confident TOP in the Krasnodar Territory, confidently competed with CIS teams and repeatedly became the winner of regional championships.

In the CS discipline:However, the team could not strengthen itself with a single composition and was repeatedly reformed, which clearly affected the performance. After changing the player’s chair to a coach, and after the manager, he smoothly retired.

The command no longer exists.


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